Lucia Cottone

Human Capital Development


Creative Consultancy is all about supporting you in reaching your highest creative expression. I believe that every individual on this earth is highly creative and getting to the essence of the stories that move us is a basic need in the global village we all share.  During the engagement you will find yourself achieving optimal experiences that result in highly productive practices in your career, creative endeavors and personal life. You will also become fluent in the language of your own creativity and create fluency in the language of leadership.  You will experience results in all that you do and all those who you engage with no matter what business or venture you may be looking to enhance or newly create. Knack Talent's mission is to support leadership in mastering the art of innovation by developing their human capital.  


My personal journey and enthusiastic approach captivates and inspires audiences to connect to their own inner wisdom. Topics range from the most important conversation I suggest one must have with oneself on a daily basis to the business of developing your brand with a full spectrum approach.   My engagement and creative process inspires one to think beyond the perceived comfort zones and step into spaces that perhaps you had not considered available before.  One of my top priorities is to always leave the audience with tools and suggested actions steps that can implemented into their lives.  


I grew up in Guatemala and have traveled the many corners of the world and still have so many locations to visit and learn from. My curiosity drives me to be a Global Citizen and I posses a deep desire to be of service in all that I do. After attending College in Boston, I landed in Los Angeles and nurtured a career as a Hollywood Development and Programming Executive. This fulfilled my dream of making content for vast audiences and to work with highly creative people. My passion to support the development of individual's creative abilities is what fuels my entrepreneurial spirit.  I strongly believe that the exploration of my inner creative process is perhaps the most fascinating journey I have ever been on.