Lucia Cottone

Human Capital Development


Knack Talent's mission is to support you in mastering the art of innovation by developing your human capital. Creative consultancy is all about assisting you in crafting and deepening your highest creative expression by exploring non traditional methods that drive results. My 1:1 engagements are tailor made for you. I also work with groups in and out of the corporate suite by focusing on communication, embracing chaos and the art of listening. Some of us embrace our creative abilities and some of us don’t believe that we are creative at all. I strongly believe that every individual on this earth is highly creative and learning to expand your connection to your creative essence will allow you to unleash the opportunity you have to be of impact in all that you do. Hence, why I also believe that getting to the heart of the stories we tell and move us is a basic need in the global village we share. A commonality we all have is that we are continually telling a story about ourselves and others. What vantage point are you telling your story from? During our engagement you will find yourself achieving optimal experiences that result in highly productive practices in your career and personal life. You will also become fluent in the language of your unique creativity and a clear fluency in your language of leadership.  You will experience results in all that you do and with all those who you engage with no matter what venture you may be looking to enhance or newly create.  


Is your narrative one that leads you to experience expansion or one of constant contraction? How do you shift your environment into a higher level of consciousness? INNOVATION is birthed in CHAOS and chaos appears in all of our lives without invitation and seemingly at the most inopportune of times. Hence why I created the CHAOS AGREEMENT, an innovative creative process that will allow you to be in a healthy relationship with a state that we have been conditioned to resist and be fearful of. This engagement leads audiences to explore, integrate and harness the power of their innate creative abilities. It also inspires us to think beyond our perceived comfort zones by stepping into spaces that perhaps we had not considered available to us before. Audiences report having a revitalized view on how to access their ability to be innovative with more grace and ease.  Do you think that your daily actions and tasks can lead to global impact? I believe so and the Chaos Agreement will show you exactly how to do it!


I grew up in Guatemala, have visited many corners of the world and posses the appetite and curiosity to travel and learn from all those I have yet to be in contact with. I consider myself a Global Citizen as I’ve always had a deep desire to be of service in all that I do. The being of service part took me a while to figure out. After attending college in Boston, I landed in Los Angeles and nurtured a career as a Hollywood Television Development and Programming Executive. This part of my journey fulfilled my dream of making content for global audiences by working with highly creative individuals. The irony is that during that time I did not feel I had a creative bone in my body. I realized something was off with my own narrative and to start feeling whole I was going to have to do the work to figure out what was the impact I was seeking to have. At the beginning of this stage and many times during it, it all felt chaotic and unbalanced until I learned to embrace it as a necessary part of the process. I was very intentional with my next steps and in time uncovered that my purpose lived exactly in the space I felt the most discontent in. I was delighted when I “remembered” that my life purpose is to support humanity in unleashing their creativity. And my passion is to support you in unpacking, unfolding and developing the impact that you were born to be. For a more detail look at my professional journey please take a look at my about page.