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We had the pleasure and honor to host Lucia Cottone at an event in Culver City, CA. Lucia’s presentation was inspiring and a WAKE UP call to many of us. She truly understands what it’s like to “re-invent” your life’s path and find purpose in your day to day life. Her experience uniquely qualifies her to provide guidance that will profoundly change your life.
— Women's Accelerator
“We had Lucia on stage for our 2016 Latinas on Fast Track Leadership Summit, an initiative of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF). Lucia is an incredibly gifted and authentic speaker who shares personal stories and anecdotes from the heart. In her dynamic and sizzling personality, Lucia’s delivery, audience capture, and content was incredible! She held the audience from start to finish and it really spoke to our audience of young Latinas and leaders, many of whom were looking for expert advice on finding their career path, building their own brands, and communicating more effectively across different audiences. I would not hesitate to invite Lucia back to another conference in this or any sector.
— Hispanic Heritage Foundation
Lucia Cottone was a featured speaker at the Mount Saint Mary’s University Women’s Leadership Program. Her participation in the panel “The Road to Resilience: How to Train Your Brain to Thrive and Succeed” was a great mix of personal story and practical advice, delivered in a fun, upbeat presentation. She also related well to the other panelists – able to react to what they were saying with thoughtful and sage advice. Her passion for helping others finding the path to doing what they love is obvious. We would recommend Lucia as a speaker to other groups seeking speakers related to guiding individuals and organizations in developing their human capital, both on a corporate or a personal level.
— Mount Saint Mary's University
A year ago Lucia spoke at Southwest Airlines for International Women’s Day. My CoHearts and I today reminisced on the inspiring presentation she delivered. What a profound message she left us with. It still resonates today.
— Southwest Employee
Lucia is the tangible embodiment of her mantra: Creativity. Passion. Experience. This combined with her strong instincts and communication skills creates a natural space for bridging the gap. That is, taking a big idea and teaming to turn it into a meaningful event with lasting impact. Millennials quickly identified with and admired her for her open energetic approach. Her ability to gently moved our audience to a place where they could identify with what is at the heart of our particular vision and desired outcome is unparalleled.
— American School of Guatemala
I arrived at the We All Grow Latina conference filled with expectation, excitement, and also self doubt. Out of all the speakers and workshops I attended in a soul searching weekend it was Listening to Lucía’s speaking engagement which impacted me the most! Her beautiful and deep writing brought me to tears. Her self purpose and “fuerza” impacted me in a way that I was able to see clarity in the path ahead! All I can say is gracias hermana Centro Americana! ¡Eres orgullo, eres luz, eres inspiración!
— WeAllGrow Latina Conference Attendee
Grateful to have had Lucia Cottone speak to our team. She offered tools to help us reconnect to our life purpose, reminded us of the importance of dreaming big and live into a future by asking quality questions now. Thank you, Lucia, for all of the incredible insight and exemplifying for us the power of living with intention!
— The Giving Keys
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