Things I LOVE

Things I Love

All that I have done in my life and what I am accomplishing now did not happen because I went at it alone. So many and so much have supported me and inspired me to appreciate my journey and constantly move into action.  In this space I highlight people, services, products, books, non for profit organizations and locations I have visited that support me at being present to the unfolding of my life experience. Please feel free to share with me what YOU LOVE!

Thank you!  Paying it always forward!   

  • Wendy Sheridan has the unique ability to create Akashic Mandalas. This is a process in which a marriage of two forms of self-discovery converge.  Through her own life journey Wendy has developed the tools to help you discover your soul's path and witness its beauty.  Here is the Akashic Mandala  she created for me.  This amazing art piece is one of a kind and painted on an antique dictionary page. It now lives in my home! Allowing myself to go through this process with her was a great experience.  You can reach Wendy at:


  • ADK Accounting has been instrumental in the blueprinting and building phase of my company.  Their aim is to help individuals exponential grow and prosper their business and at the same time support them in the journey of reaching their full potential. They have become a core part of my team!